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The Acne Bootcamp is a clear-skin program that will get your acne under control in three to four months, depending on the severity of your acne. The program combines a series of bimonthly treatments tailored for your particular form of acne in conjunction with the effectiveness of clinical-grade products from the Face Reality Skincare line.

What is the Acne Bootcamp Program?

Although dealing with acne is stressful, one thing is sure: it can be managed with the proper product combinations used correctly. The pore must be treated with products that unclog it, keep it open, and kill the acne germs. You are provided with the methods and tools necessary to do this via the Acne Bootcamp.

Treatment for moderate to severe inflamed, non-inflamed, and mixed acne is a specialty of Face Reality Acne Boot Camp. It combines a series of bi-monthly or monthly treatments that speed up the clearing of your skin with the effectiveness of home care products of the highest caliber that are made specifically for your skin and acne.

We also educate you on additional variables that can aggravate breakouts, including diets, drugs, cosmetics, stress, and everyday skin care chemicals that could be clogging your pores. Even professional and prescription products can lead to acne breakouts.

After carefully examining your skin and doing a skin test during your initial treatment, we hand-pick your at-home care products. Your care items are guaranteed not to clog your pores and are created especially for acne-prone skin. You will achieve the clear skin you have been dreaming of by using only these products as part of your at-home skincare routine every morning and evening.

Please be aware and prepare for some dryness and flakiness during this program.

How the Program Works

The Face Reality Acne Boot Camp is a three to six-month approach that requires you to change your diet, lifestyle, makeup, etc., and use only the recommended acne-safe products. With a 95% success rate, the Face Reality Acne Boot Camp has demonstrated its effectiveness. Most people observe a noticeable change in just 12 weeks!

We actively combat acne outbreaks on four fronts.

Face Reality Acne Products

Pharmaceutical-grade Face Reality products are made for acne-prone skin and come in various strengths to treat acne of varied intensities. While using these products, we provide you with our professional advice and occasionally make modifications to drive your skin toward clearing without irritating or over-drying it.

To create a professional treatment plan and a unique home care regimen, we will determine your skin type, acne type, and skin tolerance. We will prepare your skin for the new products you will use throughout the program with a short treatment.

Diet, Supplement, and Medication Support

We will work together to determine what is causing your breakouts, not just from the outside but also from the inside. This investigative work is necessary since people who are prone to acne have a variety of systemic issues.

Certain meals are known to aggravate acne breakouts, and we will determine whether this is part of your problem. We will also discuss supplements that might be a problem or a solution. Some medications (specific birth control pills, for example) may have a side effect contributing to your problem.

Lifestyle Changes

If you tend to get acne, some lifestyle choices may be contributors. Do you swim in chlorinated water, which might cause acne in people prone to it? Are you a football player with breakouts where the helmet contacts your face?

To get your acne under control, we’ll discuss what may be changed and done to prevent it.

Complete Professional Support

We are available to help you get the clear skin you desire! We know that acne may be crippling to your confidence and can be distressing. We ensure that you don’t face acne on your own.

Usually, it takes six to eight services spread out over three to four months to clear your skin. Even as you already see improvements, you can still count on us to provide support; throughout the course of the program, you will continue to receive coaching on skincare and lifestyle habits. Adjusting your medications, diet, lifestyle choices, etc., is part of the program.

Once your acne is under control, you will only need to keep using your at-home remedies and continue making the necessary dietary and lifestyle modifications to maintain the results. We recommend scheduling regular facials and keeping in touch with us if your skin shows concerning symptoms or if you have any other concerns.

Your Part in the Program

Our program includes getting several acne treatments and regularly using the homecare products that our specialists suggest. We need your commitment to only use items approved by us once you accept and commit to our acne program.

We need you to be open to receiving and paying attention to our advice. Since treating acne is what we do, we are constantly learning to inform you and our other clients of any new research or breakthroughs in the field. Heeding our advice is the best and only way to get the most out of the Acne Bootcamp.

Combined with our advice, the secret to your success lies in your consistent routine! Your homecare routine will only be effective if you follow our instructions. This program is not for you if you are impatient, change things up, or do things your way.

Additionally, this approach is not for those hoping to become successful overnight. Remember, the Acne Boot Camp lasts for at least three to six months, depending on the severity of your acne.

Say Goodbye to Acne; Commit to the Acne Bootcamp

The Acne Boot Camp is a tried-and-true approach, but achieving your acne control goals will take dedication. If you’re prepared to give it your all, we are more than ready to help you realize your dreams. You’ll finally have your acne under control in just a few short months.

We’re eager to travel this path with you, and our assistance will be unwavering. Begin your Acne Bootcamp journey today; contact us at 385-336-8380.



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