What are the Top 5 Benefits of MAD Exceed Microneedling?

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The first medical microneedling system with FDA clearance for treating facial wrinkles and eliminating acne scars on the face is the MAD Exceed microneedling device. The newest technology, Exceed, is swiftly taking the place of dermal rollers and other anti-aging products on the market, including various microneedling pens. This device brings skin renewal into a new realm, powered by ultrasonic technology.

This post gives you the top five benefits of MAD Exceed microneedling.

What is the MAD Exceed Microneedling Device?

The MAD Exceed microneedling is a medical microneedling device shown in clinical studies to significantly lessen wrinkles and treat acne scarring, particularly to shallower scars and normalize skin structure.

Minimizing epidermal trauma during microneedling is the aim. We lower surface tension by employing six of the finest medical-grade surgical stainless needles. Other devices use more needles, which depress the skin before penetrating it. This outdated method indicates that you are inflicting unneeded trauma on the stratum corneum (top layer of the epidermis) and developing micro-tears, lengthening the recovery period after treatment.

Based on the materials utilized, the manufacturing process, and the quality control criteria, only Exceed produces “medical-grade wounds” during microneedling.

Exceed medical microneedling promotes growth factors for producing new collagen with skillful accuracy, technique, and timing. Controlled skin microchannel formation triggers a natural healing process that leads to skin cell regeneration. Healthy collagen is produced spontaneously by reawakening the fibroblast that resides within the deeper layers of the skin.

The Top 5 Benefits of the MAD Exceed Microneedling Device

Exceed is a cutting-edge procedure with the following advantages:

FDA-Approved: Exceed microneedling is the only wrinkle-reducing device that is FDA-approved. Exceed is the only medical-grade device produced in Berlin, Germany, by a world authority on microneedling and micropigmentation, ensuring the highest level of engineering for professional use.

Flexible Needle Plate: This characteristic makes it simpler for the needles to exit the skin after they have pierced it. To reduce epidermal stress, the needles must be adjusted as the handpiece moves laterally during therapy. All other devices have a FIXED up and down motion, which naturally results in scratching (tracking) and increased drag experienced by the practitioner during the treatment.

Micro-Depth Adjustments: The Exceed microneedling device offers the most extraordinary setting versatility while preventing overtreatment. You can change the penetration depth in 0.1mm increments to ensure that you only go as deep as is necessary. While the Exceed microneedling device has 19 depth settings, most competing pens only have eight or fewer.

Ultra-Low Vibration: The Exceed’s smooth drive makes for highly silent operation and maximum technician comfort. Finally, you can allow your patient to unwind while receiving care.

Eleven Speed Settings: Modifications can be performed depending on the depth you select. Most rivals provide up to three speeds.

Who are Suitable Candidates?

If you have trouble with wrinkles or acne, exceed microneedling might be right for you. You and your healthcare professionals will decide whether exceed is the right course of action for you.

The ideal candidates are in good general health and desire to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines on their skin and reduce acne scarring. They also want to get a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance. Although there are not many hazards associated with the treatment, it is not advised for pregnant women or nursing.

Clinical tests to get FDA authorization revealed that 90% of patients saw improvements in facial wrinkles after receiving Exceed microneedling. In comparison, 88% of patients reported improvements in the appearance of acne scars. Furthermore, 88% of respondents stated they would advise relatives and friends to undergo the treatment.

What to Expect During Treatment

There are eleven distinct speed options for Exceed microneedling (100 – 150Hz). Treatments for skin rejuvenation and scar correction are delivered differently. These rates enable us to tailor the treatment as much as possible to the various tissues (scar, burn, sun damage, etc.). 

Only Exceed microneedling uses a dual-layer membrane in the cartridge to prevent materials from being sucked back into the handpiece. The Exceed microneedling membrane is the only one proven to ensure a 0% danger of cross-contamination is ours.

The needles will never go deeper than 1.5mm since Exceed’s needles penetrate more precisely than competing “pens” do. Even 2mm into the skin, the deepest we will ever go, is too far.

The majority of regular pens are incredibly inaccurate because of poor manufacturing practices. We can produce the same wound with a 1mm setting that the “pens” can make at a 2mm setting.

Downtime and Side Effects

There is very little recovery time, and patients often have rosy skin for 24 to 48 hours that looks like they just got a sunburn. Following treatment, your skin can continue to itch for a few days.

Downtime may be longer if you receive more intensive therapy. Your skin will be bright red like a sunburn shortly after treatment, and people may experience some warmth and tightness. The skin may get scratchy during the following couple of days. 

Our medical team will advise using an aftercare moisturizer to reduce skin redness and irritation. Usually, one of our current skincare lines has one.

How Long Before Results Show

The Exceed microneedle device is the newest method for age-related skin damage that is naturally repaired and restored. In just 12 weeks, the Exceed procedure significantly reduces facial acne scarring with excellent outcomes.

Results from microneedling using the Exceed device appear gradually throughout several treatment sessions. Although we can tailor treatment plans based on your needs, we advise scheduling four treatments over 12 weeks to achieve the best results. Every procedure lasts about an hour.

How Much Does MAD Exceed Microneedling Cost?

The condition you’re trying to treat and how many treatments you receive will determine how much Exceed Microneedling will cost you. We’ll give you a price quote so you can review it before selecting your treatment when you come in for your initial consultation with one of our professional staff.

Questions? Talk to Us

The best way to know more about MAD Exceed microneedling is to consult with us. You can use our contact form or phone us at 385-336-8380.


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